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Current Draft List

We showcase draft lists for Riparian and our sister store Pelagic Beer & Wine.

Please click on Riparian Draft List to view the correct list.


We support
Independent Brands

Why only independent brands?

Small and independent  craft breweries are the heart of the craft beer world. Their ability to take risks, innovate flavors and build better communities has made the U.S. the craft beer capital of the world. Craft breweries combine creativity and skill to brew the best new beer, allowing us to keep enjoying new flavors, recipes, and styles.

Just like supporting local goods and services, choosing to support independent brands helps to keep money in our local economy. 


A sampling of our Beer Brands

Fonta Flora

Hopfly Brewing

Wilmington Brewing Co

Burial Beer

Wye Hill Brewing

Oaklyn Springs

Crank Arm

Lynnwood Brewing


Salty Turtle

Wise Man




Lenny Boy



Craft Cider & Hard Seltzer

Urban Orchard Cider Co

Botanist & Barrel

Walker Brothers Kombucha

Untitled Art

Shacksbury Cider

Potter's Craft Cider

Citizen Cider 

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